FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 18, 2000

Contact: Dan Smith, Executive Director, at (802) 229-1941


MONTPELIER, VT --  The Northeast Dairy Compact Commission today released a total of $4,161,718.83 to the approximately 4000 dairy farmers in the New England milkshed, for November, 2000 milk shipments.  Farmers will receive $0.82 per hundred pounds of milk shipped into the New England market for this payment.


Tracking operation of the federal Milk Market Order Program, the Compact Commission regulates the price paid by milk processors for all fluid or beverage milk marketed in the six-state New England marketplace.  The charged amount to processors under the Compact price regulation is calculated as the difference between $16.94 per hundred pounds and the monthly price established for Class I or fluid milk under the federal program.  For November, 2000, the Compact price regulation resulted in an "Over-order" charge of $1.87 per hundred pounds.  By contrast, the Over-order charge for October was $1.80, indicating that the Class I price under the federal program dropped seven cents from October to November.


Class I utilization in November 2000 is two percent higher than it was in November 1991.  This increase in Class I utilization reflects a slight reduction in the total amount of milk pooled for this November as compared with last, together a slight increase in Class I marketings in the Compactregion.


The November payment also includes the fifth of twelve installment payments for the Supply Management Assessment Refund Program, bringing the total held in this reserve to about $2,000,000.00.  As occurs each month, amounts were also placed in reserve for reimbursement to the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Programs and the School Food Programs.



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